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Deskew is a tool for deskewing scanned text documents. Deskewing is a term used for fixing the scans to get the lines of text straight. That means rotating the image of the scanned page a little to compensate for the misalignment of the paper in the scanner.

Deskew uses Hough transform to detect "text lines" in the image and their orientation. As an output, you get an image rotated so that the detected lines are horizontal. You can find more theory in introductory post Deskewing Scanned Documents if you are curious.

Deskew is a command line tool for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Simple GUI frontend also exists. Based on the user feedback and my own usage, I'd say it works quite well 🙂 On occasion, I think about stuff like: Deskew web app, GPU deskewing, Deskew app for Android, and even Deskew Photoshop plugin!

Deskew's README

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Command line tool and GUI frontend downloads:

  Deskew v1.30
» 4.3 MiB - 12,174 hits - June 19, 2019
Command line tool for deskewing scanned documents. Binaries for several platforms, test images, and Object Pascal source code included.

  DeskewGui v0.90
» 4.1 MiB - 1,865 hits - March 18, 2019
GUI frontend for Deskew command line tool. Prebuilt binaries for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Windows and Linux versions need Deskew command line tool binaries.

Bug Reports & Feature Proposals

Please report bugs and propose enhancements and new features in Deskew's issue tracker:

Source Code

Deskew's sources are hosted here:


If you want to donate to Deskew Tools you can click Sponsor button at Deskew's GitHub page.

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