Deskew Tool Version 1.10

New version of Deskew command line tool is ready. You can find general info about Deskew here Deskew Tools.

Change List for Deskew 1.10

  • TIFF support now also for Win64 and 32/64bit Linux platforms
  • forced output formats
  • fix: output file names were always lowercase
  • fix: preserves resolution metadata (e.g. 300dpi) of input when writing output


  Deskew v1.30
» 4.3 MiB - 20,271 hits - June 19, 2019
Command line tool for deskewing scanned documents. Binaries for several platforms, test images, and Object Pascal source code included.

Details About Changes

TIFF support now also for Win64 and 32/64bit Linux platforms

Deskew can now read and write TIFFs on more platforms. On Linux, you need to have libtiff 4.x installed (package is called libtiff5 :-?).

Forced Output Formats

Use it to force the format of output image to 1bit or grayscale. For example, 1bit input images are not converted back to 1bit on output by default, as there may be many new colors introduced during image rotation.

FIX: output file names were always lowercase

Reported by users. Caused problems with case-sensitive file systems.

FIX: preserves resolution metadata of input when writing output

Output images have the same DPI information as inputs embedded inside. Works for PNG, TIFF, and JPEG images.

4 thoughts on “Deskew Tool Version 1.10

  1. Would be nice if you could choose to deskew vertically, to make lines straight vertical, should be really easy to implement I guess?

  2. I found the problem. The source tiff was 300 dpi in pixels/inch, the program output 118.11 pixels/cm which is 300 pixels/inch. To avoid confusion you should preserve the source measurement system (metric or standard) as well. Also, I echo the previous comment about vertical deskew. It would be very useful to have a chioce, or perhaps even a balance between horizontal and vertical.

  3. Ok I’m adding vertical deskew to todo list. By balance between horizontal and vertical you mean something like assigning different weight to detected horz. and vert. lines?

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