Vampyre Imaging Library

Native Object Pascal (for Delphi and Free Pascal) image loading, saving, and manipulation library. It supports many file formats (including PNG, JPEG 2000, PSD, DDS, TIFF) and data formats (including 64bit ARGB, 128bit HDR, DXTC, and 3Dc). Visit Imaging homepage for more details and downloads.

JPEG 2000 for Pascal

JPEG 2000 image file format support for Delphi and Free Pascal using open source OpenJpeg library. Visit JPEG 2000 for Pascal homepage for more details and downloads.

Earth Under Fire

Scrolling space shooter under development. Check out the latest beta at Earth Under Fire homepage.

Domains of Chaos

Fantasy turn-based tactics game for multiple players under development. Check out the latest beta at Domains of Chaos homepage.

Terrain Rendering

I've been interested in real-time terrain rendering for years. You can find some of my work related to this topic at Terrain Rendering page.


Old projects that are no longer in development and most probably never will.

  • Ufo: Extraterrestrials I was part of the team that worked on this turn-based strategy heavily inspired by Ufo: Enemy Unknown classic.
  • DM MIDI Player Object Pascal DirectMusic MIDI player which supports output port switching and custom DLS instrument collections.
  • JPEG Ripper Tool for ripping images in JPEG format from archive files.
  • VIDE Simple IDE for Free Pascal and Delphi compilers.
  • Daggerfall Player Image and texture viewer for The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall.
  • Drake Rider 2D fantasy action game with some RPG elements.