Domains of Chaos

Domains Of Chaos was my entry for PGD Annual Competition 2007. It is a turn based strategy with RPG elements. It was inspired by games like Chaos and Lords Of Chaos. In short: you control your hero which can summon minions to fight for him. You fight other players' units and gain experience points for kills and when you get enough points you will level up and upgrade your hero. You win if all enemy players are dead (all their units gone).

Download latest release

  Domains of Chaos
» 3.2 MiB - 768 hits - July 13, 2009
Latest version of Domains of Chaos (alpha 0.60, 3rd June 2007).

Project Info

I haven't had enough time to complete the game during the competition so current version has only a fraction of features I wanted to have in the game. Up to four players divided to opposing team (2 vs 2, 1 vs 3, ...) can wage battle on one of two maps. There is no AI yet so you must control all players or have some else to do it. There is no spellcasting yet, but units gain experience and can level up.

Controls and basic game mechanics are explained on the in-game help screens. There is also Readme file with some info and early design doc in the Doc directory.

  • Battle view
  • Main menu

Domains of Chaos uses public domain Angband 32x32 tiles and RTTiles for characters and other art.


Things I want to add in the future:

  • Add spellcasting!
  • Playing battles over the Internet.
  • Story driven campaign for each faction.
  • AI - play vs. computer.
  • Polish (better UI, map tile blending, bugs, ...)
  • Items?

System requirements:

  • graphic card with OpenGL drivers (32 MB VRAM minimum?)
  • some CPU, some RAM (game takes up about 50MB)
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista (not tested in older, no Linux version)

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