Note: this info dates 2005-2006.

glSOAR is ObjectPascal implementation of SOAR terrain rendering algorithm using OpenGL. It can be compiled using FPC or Delphi compiler and works in Windows and Linux (only benchmarking mode). No fancy OpenGL extensions are required, it should work with any OpenGL 1.2 and newer drivers.

SOAR algorithm was published by Peter Lindstrom and Valerio Pascucci in 2001. Papers and original C implementation can be found at SOAR starts with coarse terrain mesh each frame and uses view-dependent refinement (standard longest edge bisection) to calculate mesh to be rendered - stress is on the CPU.

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» 28.8 MiB - 5,287 hits - July 13, 2009
Pascal implementation of SOAR terrain rendering algorithm using OpenGL. Source code, test terrains, and binaries for Windows and Linux included.

Screenshots and more info

Volcanoes in glSOAR

Volcanoes in glSOAR

Wireframe overlay

Wireframe overlay

Parameters for glSOAR (terrain & display options) can be passed to program as command line arguments. Alternatively, you can use included GUI tool (Windows only). List of parameters as well as controls is included in archive. You can also run glSOAR in Benchmark mode and compare your results with some others (located in Bin/Results directory).

glSOAR Launcher

glSOAR Launcher

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    glSOAR (28.8 MiB, 17 hits)
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  2. a nice work. but here is a link for original C implementation. on clicking it results in URL not found. Please send me the link for original C implementation.


    • Looks like directory structure of their server has changed, I fixed URL in the article to point to the new location.

  3. It looks that the link for original C implementation of SOAR is broken again… Could you please send me the link for the original C implementation?

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