Welcome to Galfar's Lair

My name is Marek Mauder and I'm a programmer and common computer geek. I graduated Computer Science major some years ago and I currently work as a contract programmer. I'm located in Brno, Czech Republic.

The main reason for this site to exist is for me to have some place to publish my various projects. They include computer games, code libraries, Lego spaceships, and whatever else I do. You can find a list of the projects at Projects page with larger ones having their own sub-pages.

There's also a blog I want to keep updating (previous attempts failed at that miserably). It takes me quite a lot of time to start writing something and some semi-regular written ramblings could help with this. Well, most of the posts will be probably related to projects anyway.

Contact Info

Email address/Jabber ID/MSN: marekmauder(at)gmail(dot)com