Imaging in Mac OS X

I wasn’t sure if Vampyre Imaging Library works right in Mac OS X until few weeks ago. One poster in Imaging’s forum wrote a post about scrambled images produced by the library on Mac OS X. Fortunately, the problem was related only to Lazarus LCL support – all other functionality worked fine.

After not so straightforward installation of Mac OS X in VMWare I fixed the issue just by changing number “24” to “32” in the code (TRawImage.Description.Depth field, LCL raw image to TBitmap conversion). Apparently, Carbon created bitmap with 6 bits per color channel. Now I just need to check if 24->32 change doesn’t break anything when using other LCL widget sets (I’m sure there was a reason for 24bits since I vaguely remember 32bits were there few years ago) – so maybe conditional compilation will be needed here.

Another issue I noticed is that LCL Imager demo couldn’t load default image (Tigers.jpg) that is displayed when it is started without parameters. Demo uses relative path to the image but (from Demos/Bin to Demos/Data directory). Mac OS X application is placed in Demos/Bin directory by Lazarus but it is not a simple single file. It’s a directory itself and actual demo executable is located somewhere inside. I’ve not really decided on solution yet. Maybe embed the image in the executable as resource?

See the difference?

See the difference?

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