Imaging in C++ Builder

I tried compiling Imaging in C++ Builder (it uses Delphi compiler to generate .obj file which C++ linker can link and also generates C++ header for Pascal unit) few years ago. It didn't work - there was internal compiler error, I think right in ImagingTypes unit.

Few days ago I tried C++ Builder 2010 and was pleasantly surprised. It worked! I tried just the library core for now (ImagingTypes, Imaging, ImagingFormats, Pascal only file handlers, etc.) and it works without problems. I'm not sure which C++ Builder version is required for successful compile though. Versions 6 and 2006 stopped with internal error, 2010 worked, and there are 2 other versions between.

Anyway, I'll try to check out most of the library until the 2010 trial expires for me. Hmm, I'm wondering how many people use C++ Builder for C++ development - I've never did something serious in it, basically just to get object files usable by Delphi - so I have no idea if it's ok.

PS: Another C++ Builder related news - patch for OpenJpeg library to get it compiling in BCB is posted here.

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