Stats for 2009

I quite like looking at various stats and sometimes even big tables with a lots of numbers. Since I don't have anything in particular to write about now, I'll share some of the site stats for 2009.


Top download is JPEG 2000 for Pascal package with about 700 downloads. Second place goes to glSOAR terrain renderer with about 200 downloads. Third place is shared between Earth Under Fire shooter and venerable JPEG Ripper tool, both with meager 60 downloads.


There have been around 4000 visitors since last March. 42% of them got here from referring sites,  35% used search engine, and 23% is direct traffic.

Referring Pages

Basically all of them are connected to Imaging Library or JPEG 2000 for Pascal (,,,, etc.). For some reason there's really a lot of referrals from[.ru|.de|.fr|.com] pointing mostly to screenshots from Ufo: Extraterrestrials and Terrain Rendering stuff. Few links to Earth Under Fire from are in the stats too.

Browsers and OS

Firefox is in the lead with 40% share, IE is second with 25%, third is Opera with 22%, Chrome and Safari have 7% and 2% respectively. Windows is major OS here with 91%, Linux and Mac OS X have about 4% each. There's also one visit from Wii and one from PS3.

Search Engine Keywords

Most common keywords refer to these topics: Terrain rendering, JPEG 2000 for Delphi and Pascal, Ufo: Extraterrestrials, DirectX 11 for Delphi, and Daggerfall. You can find more or less information about these topics at this site.

Some keywords were very common too even though I wouldn't think they'd be so popular:

  • APNG  (mostly coupled with Delphi) - As far as I know my Imaging is only library for Pascal and Delphi that can read and write APNG animated images. That's probably why Google search for "apng delphi" puts this site at top.
  • Delphi shr operator - Looks like there's more people surprised that it treats negative values differently than shift right operator in C and some other languages. More on this in this post Shift Right: Delphi vs C.
  • Daggerfall music ("daggerfall gstory music", "eric heberling" daggerfall", "robert hood daggerfall") - Great music indeed, much better than what's in Morrowind and Oblivion.
  • SOAR terain rendering - here's my Pascal implementation glSOAR.
  • Modula-2 related ("modula-2 vs c++, vs pascal, vs freepascal, on mac ox, for 8051, ..." )

And here are some uniques searches:

  • "ancientlich" - My favorite monster in Daggerfall as well, checkout bestiary at UESP (top of the Undead section!).
  • "UFO old programming language" - that must be COBOL!
  • "ufo enemy ripped png picture" - anyone has these?
  • "directx 11 radeon x1950" - sadly no, otherwise I'd put it back in my PC right away.
  • "mng vs apng" - basically MNG is much more capable but harder to implement, more VS info here.
  • "john the ripper directx 11" - is this some of kind of a game or what?
  • "mac os 7.5 emulator" - check out Basilisk .
  • "midi format daggerfall" - It's HMI (Human machine interfaces MIDI music file), WinAmp can play and convert that (and other old game MIDI formats as well).
  • "a price drop for gpu in 2010" - there better be one.
  • "earth on fire from space" - let's hope not anytime soon.
  • "gulfar vivek", "how is galfar doing?", "large galfar image" - ???

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