Imaging 0.20.0 Released

New version of my Vampyre Imaging Library is out.
New features are in and many bugs found in v0.18 has been fixed. There is also new Imaging Forum available.

Main news/changes in 0.20.0:

  • New TImagingCanvas class with methods for drawing objects and applying effects was added (although there is not much functionality yet).
  • New image data formats based on 16bit half-float (FP16) type has been added and OpenGL and Direct3D extensions can now create textures in these formats too.
  • Imaging now compiles and works on 64bit CPUs (Linux on AMD64).
  • High level interface classes were extended and updated as well as VCL/CLX/LCL support and low level interface.
  • Some old demos were removed, new added, and rest was updated.

You can learn more about Imaging at its homepage.

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