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Again, the Year variable has incremented. Current value is 2007.

I'm going to release Imaging 0.22 with Extras package in late January or early February. There are only few finishing touches needed but I don't have much time now (many exams at uni). Later I plan to devote some time to update Earth Under Fire, maybe even create 1.0 version and close it. Next I want to brush up on Python (but with my Delphi module containing Imaging and other stuff) and create simple Chaos remake with multiplayer over the Internet. More info on this later.

There is also a commercial app in Delphi we are starting with a friend. And UFO: Extraterrestrials game is about to be released soon (I hope) so I expect subsequent patches, patches, and maybe even some patches. And I should pick up some theme for my Master's thesis soon and do some stuff for it. Well, looks like a busy year, [sigh].

And now for something completely different:

This is something you don't see every day. I met this herd of polar ostriches few days ago. Scary bunch.

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