ImageFormatToGL Function

Returns True if the given image format can be represented as GL texture format.

function ImageFormatToGL(Format: TImageFormat; 
                         var GLFormat: GLenum; 
                         var GLType: GLenum; 
                         var GLInternal: GLint; 
                         const Caps: TGLTextureCaps): Boolean;

ImagingOpenGL (at line 81)


GLFormat, GLType, and GLInternal are parameters for functions like glTexImage. Note that GLU functions like gluBuildMipmaps cannot handle some formats returned by this function (i.e. GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_5_5_1 as GLType). If you are using compressed or floating-point images make sure that they are supported by hardware using GetGLTextureCaps, ImageFormatToGL does not check this.

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