Some News

Vampyre Imaging Library 0.26.0 was finally released few days ago. There are many canvas enhancements and support for 3Dc compressed formats. More info and downloads at project's homepage:

I'm planning revamping this whole site. Maybe creating some sort of simple CMS myself or just some better way to handle the projects. I don't enjoy coding in PHP but there's not much choice.

Imaging 0.24.0 Released!

Version 0.24.0 of Imaging has been released!
Main news/changes in 0.24.0:

  • New image file format support: GIF (native), TIFF (libtiff), PSD (native).
  • New image data format: BTC (block truncation coding).
  • File format compatibility fixes (for BMP, JPEG, and DDS)
    and platform/compiler support fixes (Win64, UNIX, FPC, ...).
  • Bug fixes and some enhancements (buffered file IO, ...).

Visit Vampyre Imaging Library Homepage for more news and downloads or Imaging Forum.

Imaging Extras Package – Work In Progress

I am working on package with extra content for Vampyre Imaging Library. That means additional image file formats, new extensions, demos, and other stuff.

File formats in extras will also include JPEG2000. Reason why it won't be in the core library is this: there is no native Pascal library for loading/saving JPEG2000 images (at least I haven't found one) so Imaging will link to C library compiled to object files (OpenJPEG most probably). Therefore it won't work on all platforms supported by Imaging (and thus cannot be included in core library).

There is also PCX loader, there will be PNM (for PBM, PGM, PPM, and PAM) loader/saver, and maybe even GIF support (if there will be enough time to implement it). I have converted my old Daggerfall image/texture loaders to Imaging too and added Redguard and BattleSpire support.

First version of extras package will be released around the end of 2006. New Imaging release will be made too because stuff in extras depends on some changes made in core library since 0.20 release. Current working version of Imaging and extras package is in project's SubVersion repository.

Visit Vampyre Imaging Library homepage

Imaging 0.20.0 Released

New version of my Vampyre Imaging Library is out.
New features are in and many bugs found in v0.18 has been fixed. There is also new Imaging Forum available.

Main news/changes in 0.20.0:

  • New TImagingCanvas class with methods for drawing objects and applying effects was added (although there is not much functionality yet).
  • New image data formats based on 16bit half-float (FP16) type has been added and OpenGL and Direct3D extensions can now create textures in these formats too.
  • Imaging now compiles and works on 64bit CPUs (Linux on AMD64).
  • High level interface classes were extended and updated as well as VCL/CLX/LCL support and low level interface.
  • Some old demos were removed, new added, and rest was updated.

You can learn more about Imaging at its homepage.