Earth Under Fire

Earth Under Fire is single player space shooter game.
Originaly created as entry for PGD Big Boss Competition 2006
It ended up on the third place. Since then it has been upgraded.

Current version is 0.80 Beta from 14th Ocober 2006. Game campaign
consists of 9 missions connected by story.

Gameplay Info

You can find useful information about game HUD and
space objects in Help Screens acessible from main menu.

To change game configuration run Settings.exe.
To edit missions or create new run Editor.exe.

You can upgrade your ship by picking up PickUp items.
They contain better weapons, reactors and ammo chambers.
There are also pickups that repair your hull, and
replenish your energy and ammo reserves. You can always
use older weapons (useful in some situations)
but not older reactors and chambers (no point).

User Controls:
    Move Left:
"Left Arrow" or "A"
    Move Right:
"Right Arrow" or "D"
    Move Forward:
"Up Arrow" or "W"
    Move Backward:
"Down Arrow" or "S"
    Fire Primary:
"Right Ctrl" or "Left Ctrl"
    Fire Secondary:
"Right Shift" or "Left Shift"
    Switch Primary Weapon:
"1", "2", "3", "4", "5"
    Switch Secondary Weapon:
"5", "6", "7", "8", "9"
    Show Ingame Menu:
    GUI Navigation:
"Up Arrow" + "Down Arrow" + "Return"

Tech Info

Hardware requirements: it runs ok on my 1.5 GHz Athlon XP with GeForce 6600,
game itself allocates no more than 50 MB of RAM (if your graphic card supports
DXTC texture compression).

Game is written in ObjectPascal and uses SDL, OpenGL, BASS, and my
Vamypre Imaging Library.


Project homepage:

Design & Programming & 2D Art: Marek Mauder,
3D Art: internet, older projects, temporary ship models mainly from X: Beyond The Frontier,
some from Free Allegiance
Sound: internet and older projects