ZSoft Paintbrush Image

PCX was the native file format for ZSoft PC Paintbrush graphics editor which was popular in old DOS days. Most PCX files use a color palette, but the format has also been extended to support true color images. It uses a simple run-length encoding as compression. PCX was quite popular on early DOS and Windows systems (it is native texture file format of Unreal 1 engine) but it has been largely replaced by more powerful formats like PNG and JPEG. Imaging supports only loading of PCX files (I don't wont this venerable format to spread).

PCX File Format Support
FormatTImageFormat equivalent
1 bit mono ifIndex8
2 bit indexed ifIndex8
4 bit indexed (rare) ifIndex8
8 bit indexed ifIndex8
24 bit RGB ifR8G8B8
32 bit ARGB (rare) ifA8R8G8B8