High Level Interface

Imaging's high level interface is set of classes build on top of low level interface implemented in ImagingClasses.pas unit. It is Object Pascal only, therefore it is not accessible from other programming languages (although creating high level interface for other languages using low level interface imported from dll/so should not be difficult).

High level interface consists of the base class TBaseImage with two descendant classes. The first is TSingleImage and it is high level wrapper to TImageData structure. The second is TMultiImage and it is wrapper to TDynImageDataArray array.

These classes provide access to all members of underlying structures trough properties. This access is read/write so you can for example convert image to another format by setting Format property to new value. You can also assign single image to multi image and vice versa. Some image manipulation functions are integrated into high level interface. However, you can use even those that are not integrated with high level images classes. You can find information how to do this and more in the following pages.