Vampyre Imaging Library Future

In the long term I'm planning to redesign and rewrite major parts (practically create new library - no compatibility with current version) of library in future to make it more compact and easier to use and extend.

Current 0.2x branch is still be updated from time to time by minor release (like 0.24.2) or even larger release with more new functionality (like 0.26.0). Eventually, this branch will be made into version 1.0 (maybe just after current 0.26.4 release).

Since I don't have that much free time these days I cannot say when new library will be ready. Although I have some desings done, it's still far from usable code. Working in progress version of Imaging 2.0 will be 1.9x branch in SVN when there is some code to show.

Here is a list of some of the features I want to include in future Imaging releases: