Elder Imagery

Elder Imagery is extension for Vampyre Imaging Library that adds support for loading and saving of images and textures from older Bethesda games like Redguard, BatteSpire, Terminator: FS, and TES: Arena, but mostly for The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall (loads all images and textures from this game). All formats are 8bit indexed images (plus some 16bit color mapping in Battlespire) and palettes are often external. Default palettes for most images of each game are included in Elder Imagery but there are usually few images that use others (you can load them manually and assign them to loader class). Elder Imagery extension resides in Extras package. Here is the list of file formats supported by Elder Imagery:

Note: When saving image in IMG or CIF format it gets converted to 8bit indexed format and mapped to current palette set in saver class. Also note that max size (in bytes) of image that can be saved is 65535 bytes (it is resized automatically if bigger).
Note: Since most people won't need support for these formats they are disabled by default (not compiled into your binary). If you want them go to ImagingExtras.pas unit and comment out or delete {$DEFINE DONT_LINK_ELDER} line.