Delphi.NET Demos

These Delphi.NET demos currently exist:

Note: If you want to use Imaging in Delphi.NET you must include ImagingNET.pas (located in Source\Wrappers\Delphi.NET directory) unit to your uses clause. You can use Imaging class which encapsulates imported functions and uses more dotNET-like names and types or functions directly imported from dll. There are also some dotNET only functions and extensions (for example color records like TColor32Rec and others have various conversion methods and some overloaded operators). Only tested compiler for dotNET demos is Delphi 2006 but Delphi 8/2005/Turbo.NET should work too. Imaging .NET demos work in Mono too.
Note: All non-Object Pascal programs using Imaging require VampyreImaging.dll (Windows) or (Linux) to run. Compiled Imaging library must be located somewhere on system's search path for these demos to work.
Demo 01

Simple image viewer program demonstrating usage of Imaging library in Delphi.NET.

Demo Information
Name Demo 01
Language Delphi.NET
Source Path (Imaging Root)\Demos\Delphi.NET\Demo01
Exe Path (Imaging Root)\Demos\Bin\Demo01.exe
Platforms (tested) .NET on Win32
Compilers (tested) Delphi 2006 (.NET)
Demo shows usage of low level (using dyn. library wrapper)
It loads image stored in one of file formats supported by Imaging library and assigns it to PictureBox component. You can get some information about loaded image by clicking on PictureBox.