TMNGFileFormat Class
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Class for loading Multiple Network Graphics files.

public TMNGFileFormat = class(TNetworkGraphicsFileFormat);

ImagingNetworkGraphics (at line 132)


This format has complex animation capabilities but Imaging only extracts frames. Individual frames are stored as standard PNG or JNG images. Loads all types of these frames stored in IHDR-IEND and JHDR-IEND streams (Note that there are MNG chunks like BASI which define images but does not contain image data itself, those are ignored). Imaging saves MNG files as MNG-VLC (very low complexity) so it is basicaly an array of image frames without MNG animation chunks. Frames can be saved as lossless PNG or lossy JNG images (look at TPNGFileFormat and TJNGFileFormat for info). Every frame can be in different data format. 

Many frame compression settings can be modified by options interface.

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