TDDSFileFormat Class
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Class for loading and saving Microsoft DirectDraw surfaces.

public TDDSFileFormat = class(TImageFileFormat);

ImagingDds (at line 53)


It can load/save all D3D formats which have coresponding TImageFormat. It supports plain textures, cube textures and volume textures, all of these can have mipmaps. It can also load some formats which have no exact TImageFormat, but can be easily converted to one (bump map formats). You can get some information about last loaded DDS file by calling GetOption with ImagingDDSLoadedXXX options and you can set some saving options by calling SetOption with ImagingDDSSaveXXX or you can simply use properties of this class. Note that when saving cube maps and volumes input image array must contain at least number of images to build cube/volume based on current Depth and MipMapCount settings.

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