SplitImage Function

Splits image into XChunks x YChunks subimages.

function SplitImage(var Image: TImageData; 
                    var Chunks: TDynImageDataArray; 
                    ChunkWidth: LongInt; 
                    ChunkHeight: LongInt; 
                    var XChunks: LongInt; 
                    var YChunks: LongInt; 
                    PreserveSize: Boolean; 
                    Fill: Pointer): Boolean;

Imaging (at line 195)


Default size of each chunk is ChunkWidth x ChunkHeight. If PreserveSize si True chunks at the edges of the image are also ChunkWidth x ChunkHeight sized and empty space is filled with Fill pixels. After calling this function XChunks contains number of chunks along x axis and YChunks along y axis. To access chunk [X, Y] use this index: Chunks[Y * XChunks + X].

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