CreateD3DTextureFromImage Function

Converts TImageData structure to IDirect3DTexture9 texture.

function CreateD3DTextureFromImage(const Image: TImageData; 
                                   Device: IDirect3DDevice9; 
                                   var Texture: IDirect3DTexture9; 
                                   Width: LongInt = 0; 
                                   Height: LongInt = 0; 
                                   MipLevels: LongInt = 0; 
                                   Usage: LongWord = 0; 
                                   Format: TD3DFormat = D3DFMT_UNKNOWN; 
                                   Pool: TD3DPool = D3DPOOL_MANAGED; 
                                   CreatedWidth: PLongInt = nil; 
                                   CreatedHeight: PLongInt = nil): Boolean;

ImagingDirect3D9 (at line 96)


Input images is used as main mipmap level and additional requested levels are generated from this one. For the details on parameters look at CreateD3DTextureFromMultiImage function.

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