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Help & Questions / Re: Upgrading from 0.22 to 0.26.4
« on: 29 February 2012, 02:54:20 »
Hi Rodrigo,
could you provide some details about compiler and OS you use for Mundo?
Maybe there could be some problem with code in "initialization" section in Imaging in your OS+compiler combination.

News & Announcements / Re: Next update info: 0.80
« on: 31 December 2011, 02:04:28 »
Hi, that's what I'm planning now. Stay tuned just a little bit longer please :)

Thanks for the report, fixed.

Bug was found and fixed. GTK2 uses different RB order than Win/Qt/Carbon widget sets and it
wasn't checked when converting from LCL bitmap back to Imaging. I'll update repository tomorrow.

Basically, LCL/VCL stuff was added to get ability to simply display Imaging's internal image formats
in GUI apps. If you just want to load/rotate/scale/save there's no need to use LCL stuff.

Btw, ifA32R32G32B32F seems like an overkill (128bits per pixel) that the file formats you use
for saving just convert back to 24/32bit.

Look's like it is GTK2 interface or LCL RawImage related issue when converting
from LCL bitmap back to Imaging's image.
Just installed x64 Linux and started debugging...

Btw: Are you using classes from ImagingComponents unit just for saving?

Help & Questions / Re: TIFF
« on: 12 December 2011, 00:19:55 »
TIFF tags writer was update long ago,
but it probably won't work in MS Doc Imaging
anyway due to the bug in MS Doc described previously.

Thanks for the contribution, will be included for the next release :)


Did this work before you downloaded "working"?

Could you try ifA8R8G8B8 instead of ifA32R32G32B32F in the conversion?

What file formats have you loaded from/saved to?

Bugs And Other Insects / Re: Two small bugs
« on: 1 November 2011, 23:50:04 »
Thanks for the report, working versions are not always tested in all Delphi versions :(
I'll update the repository with a fix in a short while.

Help & Questions / Re: JPG Resolution
« on: 1 November 2011, 23:33:33 »
You can get print resolution from JPEGs (provided that this info is embedded inside) using metadata framework.
It's not stored in image itself so you need to keep track of it if you want to later save the values that were loaded.

Code: Pascal
  1. type
  2.   // defined in Imaging.pas
  3.   TResolutionUnit = (
  4.     ruSizeInMicroMeters, // value is pixel size in micrometers
  5.     ruDpi,               // value is pixels/dots per inch
  6.     ruDpm,               // value is pixels/dots per meter
  7.     ruDpcm               // value is pixels/dots per centimeter
  8.   );
  10. var
  11.   XRes, YRes: Single;
  12.   ResUnit: TResolutionUnit;
  14. ... load image ...
  16. ResUnit := ruDpi;
  17. if GlobalMetadata.GetPhysicalPixelSize(ResUnit, XRes, YRes) then
  18. begin
  19.   ... print resolution present, do something with it
  20. end;
  22. ... do something with image
  23. GlobalMetadata.SetPhysicalPixelSize(ResUnit, XRes, YRes, True)
  24. ... save image

Checkout TMetadata class in Imaging.pas for implementation details.

Help & Questions / Re: Having problems with FindColor()
« on: 1 November 2011, 00:22:26 »
Hi, sorry for late answer.

There are two problems with your code:

1) Your setting Palette variable to point to the address of ImageData.Palette field, not to the actual
palette info. Correct way is this:
Code: Pascal
  1. //Palette := @ImageData.Palette;  wrong
  2. Palette := ImageData.Palette; // ok
  3. Palette := @ImageData.Palette[0]; // also ok, if ImageData.Palette <> nil

2) When you fix the palette pointer problem you'll notice you get 'Access violation' exception now. That's because
ImageData.Palette = nil. ReduceColors keeps the image in its original data format and doesn't convert it to indexed (that's because ReduceColors supports color counts up to 4096 for which there is no indexed format).
In short, you need to convert to indexed format explicitly by adding ConvertImage call after ReduceColors:
Code: Pascal
  1. ReduceColors(ImageData, NumberOfColors);
  2. ConvertImage(ImageData, ifIndex8); // added
  3. Palette := ImageData.Palette;

Now the colors are counted correctly.

Thanks for the link to test images.
HDR loading in Imaging is working now, I'll test it with few more exotic images and update the repository.
Saving will be done a little later.
HDR can store gamma and exposure value in the file, these are read by Imaging as well and accessible
trough the new metadata support class (though any of the PhotoShop HDRs doesn't have this defined).

Help & Questions / Re: Delphi XE2 32/64
« on: 30 September 2011, 01:33:18 »
Hi, XE2 support is already done and uploaded to repository.
What's currently supported: Win64 target compatibility, OSX target compatibility, FireMonkey bitmap converter.

Suggestions, Feature Requests, Contributions / Re: Donation?
« on: 29 September 2011, 09:38:51 »
Here's page where the link points to:  :)

Suggestions, Feature Requests, Contributions / Re: .EXR format request
« on: 26 September 2011, 13:12:04 »
Ok I'll let you know when HDR/RGBE file format support is ready.
What software do you use for working with HDR imagery?

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