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News & Announcements / Download and Repository links
« on: 25 September 2012, 23:41:30 »
Latest development version:

Full releases (demo binaries, help, ...) - currently quite outdated:

News & Announcements / Code Syntax Highlighting
« on: 28 July 2011, 23:28:59 »
You can post source code with syntax highlighting using [code=lang]your code[/code] tags. For Delphi/Pascal use [code=delphi] or [code=pascal].

Result looks like this:
Code: Pascal
  1. procedure AddOne(var I: Integer);
  2. begin
  3.   I := I + 1;
  4. end;

News & Announcements / Repository migrated to Mercurial
« on: 28 July 2011, 22:30:55 »
Imaging's source code repository at SourceForge has been migrated from Subversion to Mercurial.
Subversion repository will still be updated for some time (probably till 0.80 release).

To access the new repository use this address:
Code: [Select]
Link to Imaging's Mercurial overview page at

News & Announcements / Next update info: 0.80
« on: 25 December 2009, 03:25:10 »
Planned features for next release:

  • Metadata - simple way to load and save information about images other than just width-height-format. Currently reads/writes print resolution of JPEG, PNG, and TIFF images, frame delays of APNG/GIF animations. Raw XMP/EXIF/IPTC metadata support for some file formats.
  • JPEG 2000 support improvements - from new version of JPEG 2000 for Pascal.
  • Maybe some file mapping support for very large images (nothing in core though, just some hacky extension for now).
  • Progress callback in few places.
  • Direct3D 11 texture support
  • Graphics32 interfacing unit
  • Some support for binary (1bit) images. Support in file formats: PNG, TIFF, BMP.
  • Image error metrics (psnr, rmse, ...)
  • Default clear color (for new images, rotations, etc.)
  • RAW (WxHxBpp) image bits loader/saver
  • Delphi XE2 support for new targets/frameworks: Win64, Mac OS X, FireMonkey bitmap conversions
  • Delphi XE3, Lazarus 1.0, FPC 2.6 support
  • RGBE/HDR file format
  • ..
Green items are done already.

I'm currently using Imaging in one bigger project and I need it to do some things it wasn't originally designed for (which was texture loading/saving for games) - implementation probably won't be very nice (metadata, progress, file mapping, 1bit stuff).

News & Announcements / Imaging 0.26.4 Released!
« on: 13 October 2009, 14:08:41 »
Imaging library 0.26.4 is finally here!
Here's a detailed change list:

  • (+) APNG file format (Animated PNG) loading, animating, and saving added to existing PNG support.

  • (+) Arbitrary angle image rotation.

  • (+) Mac OS X (Intel) compatibility (garbled LCL bitmaps in Carbon, JPEG 2000 support, ...).

  • (+) XPM file format saving added, JPEG 2000 file format loading improved. 

  • (+/F) New canvas methods: premultiply and unpremultiply alpha. New methods for TFastARGB32Canvas: InvertColors, DrawAlpha/StretchDrawAlpha. Fixed DrawAlpha/StretchDrawAlpha destination alpha calculation.

  • (+) Three new extensions in Extras/Extensions directory: ImagingJpegIJL.pas uses Intel Jpeg Library to load/save Jpegs (DLL needed), ImagingSquishLib.pas uses Squish DXTC library with Imaging (DLL needed), ElderImagerySky.pas loads SKY images from Daggerfall.

  • (+) Conversions between RGB and YCoCg colorspaces.

  • (F) Bug fixes: loading of some GIFs when using D2009+ failed, bugged XPM loading in Linux, indexed images resizing leak, PNM saving using D2009+, DXT3 alpha encoding, RGB>>CMYK conversion, garbled images in Lazarus GTK IDE.

  • (*) Delphi 2010 and Lazarus 0.9.28 compatibility fixes.

Head to Imaging Homepage for downloads and updated documentation.

News & Announcements / Next update info: 0.26.4
« on: 21 February 2009, 15:44:39 »
Here's the list of what's planned for 0.26.4 (green items are done already):

  • Mac OS X compatibilty (garbled LCL bitmaps, JPEG 2000 support)
  • GIF fix for Delphi 2009 (couldn't read some gifs)
  • APNG support (loading and animating, saving)
  • New Delphi 2010/Lazarus 0.9.28 compatibility(depends on release dates)
  • Fixes (indexed images resizing leak, PNM saving using D2009, DXT3 alpha encoding, RGB>>CMYK conversion, garbled images in Laz GTK IDE ...)
  • GLScene OpenGL header support
  • New canvas methods (alpha premult/unpremult), more methods for optimized A8R8G8B8 canvas
  • Rotate image by arbitrary angle
  • New extensions (IJL base JPEG handler, Squish DXT compression, ES Sky format)
  • File formats(XPM saving, JPEG2k loading improvements)

All new stuff done now, only testing on supported platforms and documentation updates remaining.

Just few more days!

News & Announcements / Imaging 0.26.2 Released!
« on: 28 December 2008, 21:02:14 »
New version of Vampyre Imaging Library was finally released!
Detailed change list:
  • (*) Delphi 2009 and Lazarus 0.9.26 compatibility fixes.
    New project files for Delphi 2009 added. Kylix and CLX stuff removed.
  • (+) New canvas methods: flood and boundary fills, color channel
    fills, color level adjustment, histogram calculation.
  • (+) Animated GIF support rewritten and it now properly animates
    all tested GIFs (several thousand, true color ones too).
  • (+) PSD images with alpha channel are now saved as layers
    to get proper transparency when opened in Photoshop.
  • (+) Added new Extras/Contrib directory with
    Imaging modifications, extensions, demos, etc. contributed
    by users (now with ExtraGIF, NIF loader, and HqResampler).
  • (*) Changed conditional compilation of ImagingComponents
    unit to properly work with LCL widget sets other than Win32 and GTK.
  • (*) Removed linking against libstdc++ library in JPEG 2000 headers in Unix
    (replaced with libc and Pascal functions).
  • (F) Fixed problem with loading of progressive JPEGs (out of memory)
    when using FPC Win32.
  • (*) Changed LINK defined symbols that control which file formats will be
    automatically registered.

Head to Imaging Homepage for downloads and updated documentation.

News & Announcements / Imaging User Listing
« on: 4 December 2008, 15:21:56 »
New section called Users was added to Imaging Homepage.
It lists applications and libraries that utilize Imaging for some image related tasks.

If you are a developer of a project using Imaging and want
your project listed there, please make a post here or contact me by email.

Bugs And Other Insects / [Read First] Bug reporting guidelines
« on: 22 October 2008, 23:51:18 »
If you have a bug to report, please include this information in your post:
  • Version of Imaging library you are using
  • Compiler (Delphi XE, FPC 3.0, etc.)
  • Operating system (Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04, etc.)
It would also be helpful if you could test the bug in more than one compiler and/or operating system.

If you have problem with some specific image, upload it here.
32/64bit note: On platforms that can be 32bit as well as 64bit please report OS as well as your executable "bitness", e.g. Windows 7 (x64) + FPC 2.5.1 (64bit exe).

Alternatively, use an issue tracker on Imaging's bitbucket or github pages.

You can post source code with syntax highlighting using [code=lang]your code[/code] tags. For Delphi/Pascal use [code=delphi] or [code=pascal].
Result looks like this:
Code: Pascal
  1. procedure AddOne(var I: Integer);
  2. begin
  3.   I := I + 1;
  4. end;

News & Announcements / Next update info: 0.26.2
« on: 20 September 2008, 10:57:33 »
Next update of Imaging 0.2x branch will be 0.26.2 (28th December 2008).

Planned stuff at the moment (green is done):
  • Compatibility with Delphi 2009 (+ new project files)
  • Compatibility with Lazarus 0.9.26
  • More canvas functions (AdjustColorLevels, FloodFill, BoundaryFill, Histogram, ...)
  • Better support for animated GIFs
  • Save PSD images with alpha channel using layers
  • Fix FPC Windows progressive JPEG bug
  • Changed _LINK_ symbol semantics

Get Tarball of SVN repository.

Interested in something else?

News & Announcements / Imaging 0.26.0 Released!
« on: 28 August 2008, 11:40:59 »
New Imaging was finally released!
Detailed change list:

  • (+) Canvas class was extended with many new methods and effects.
    They include image drawing with blending (custom blending factors),
    filtered image stretching, nonlinear filters (min, max, median),
    point transforms (contrast, brightness, gamma, threshold), and blended
    rectangle filling.
  • (+)New data formats using 3Dc compression added: ifATI1N
    and ifATI2N.DDS file format updated to be able to load and save
    images in this format. OpenGL and Direct3D extensions were updated
    to allow creating textures in these formats.
  • (+) New unit ImagingBinary.pas added with morphologic
    operations on binary images.
  • (+) XPM file format loader added.
  • (E) LCL Imager and Image Browser demos were extended
    with new functionality provided by canvas class (blending, filters,
    morphology, etc.).
  • (*) Updated OpenJpeg library (JPEG 2000) to version with
    my CDEF patch that saves JP2 files with alpha properly.
  • (*)Changed some file format loaders/savers to be more thread safe
    so more images can be loaded concurrently..
  • (F) Many bugs in library fixed (GIF, BMP, and PNM loaders,
    ConvertSpecial, linear filters, ...).

Head to Imaging Homepage for downloads and updated documentation.

News & Announcements / Next update info: 0.24.4 >> 0.26.0
« on: 25 January 2008, 01:51:40 »
Next update of Imaging 0.2x branch will be 0.24.4 (April/May June/July 2008?).
Next update of Imaging 0.2x branch will be 0.26.0 (end of August 2008).

There will be new data formats: compressed 3Dc (ATI1N and ATI2N)
and support for them in D3D/OpenGL extensions.
XPM file format loader is long due and there will also be
other additions since I'll be using Imaging in my MSc thesis (terrain rendering stuff).
And the bug fixes of course. 

EDIT: I'll also modify OpenJPEG library to allow saving proper JPEG 2000 images with alpha channels and updated OpenJpeg to version 1.3.

Status Update 31.5.2008: I've just added 3Dc data formats to Imaging, various
bugs were fixed in image loaders, and some level of thread safety was ensured (image loaders).
Due to work on my thesis new Imaging release didn't make it in April/May so the new timeframe is
June/July. July is more probable since now I have to study for my final exam.

Status Update 8.7.2008: I've made some canvas extensions (point transforms, non-linear filters)
and I'm planning some more (drawing images with alpha blending). There will be quite a few new things
in new Imaging version so I decided to change its version number from 0.24.4 to 0.26. I hope to get it finished before the end of July.

News & Announcements / Imaging 0.24.2 Released!
« on: 12 December 2007, 12:56:25 »
New version of Imaging was released few hours ago.
As stated before it is patch and update release with no
important new features added.

News/changes in 0.24.2:
  - Updated OpenJPEG (JPEG 2000) library to latest revision and added JPEG 2000 support for 64bit Linux.
  - Fixed compatibility issues with new Lazarus 0.9.24 and added project files for RAD Studio 2007.
  - Updated LCL Imager demo and added new features to OpenGL texture builder.
  - Bug fixes in JPEG and GIF support.
  - Pascal translation of Hq resampler with Imaging demo added to Extras directory.

Head to Imaging Homepage for downloads and updated documentation.

News & Announcements / Imaging 0.3x Poll and Info
« on: 18 September 2007, 00:46:16 »
Work on Imaging 0.3x branch is about to begin in few weeks.

What library features should I focus on first?
What should be extended or added? (compared to current version)
Please make a vote.

Note: SMF only allows registred users to vote in a poll.

News & Announcements / Next Release Info: 0.24.2 (Nov/Dec 2007)
« on: 17 September 2007, 14:01:38 »
Next Imaging version will be patch release
0.24.2 with no new functionality added.
You can expect bug fixes, library updates (OpenJPEG, LibTIFF),
and compatibility fixes for new RAD Studio, Free Pascal, and Lazarus (if needed).
Release date should be sometime in late October or early November.

0.24.2 is almost ready. I'm just waiting for new OpenJPEG (JPEG2000 support) release which should be significantly faster, everything else is done. OpenJPEG 1.3 should be released this week or the next one. Imaging 0.24.2 will be released few days after that.

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