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Suggestions, Feature Requests, Contributions / Re: Date of Website
« Last post by Marionut on 20 April 2018, 04:42:51 »
Is it a valid date? It looks so strange to me. But i'm not sure
Help & Questions / Re: Problem by ImSaveImageToFile
« Last post by Marionut on 20 April 2018, 04:41:57 »
I have the same problem with you. What do I need to do to fix it? Please tell me.
Suggestions, Feature Requests, Contributions / Date of Website
« Last post by Christian on 4 April 2018, 13:49:36 »
One little suggestion:

Your website available on indicates that the project has not been continued since 2012.

I would update the date to 2018, otherwise users would think that the project is dead.
Bugs And Other Insects / SaveMultiImageToFile ignores GIF playback speed
« Last post by Christian on 31 March 2018, 22:05:36 »
When loading an animated multiframe GIF with the function LoadMultiImageToFile and save it with SaveMultiImageToFile, the playback speed of the frames set in the original file is ignored. Instead, it is always set a time of 65/100 second.

I am using the newest version of Vampyre Imaging Library, default branch from sourceforge with FPC Lazarus.

Is there any possibility to save or set the delay?
Suggestions, Feature Requests, Contributions / 16 bit floating point
« Last post by JernejL on 22 March 2018, 14:19:50 »
I wish to share this find with galfar and the rest here, it's related to processing 16 bit floating point values:
There is already a pascal implementation of this that i have found:
I hope you find it useful, surely a lookup table based solution with no cpu code branching is a big improvement if you process 16 bit floating point values regularly.
I would like to know if you have thought of these content yourself and can you help me understand more?
Help & Questions / Re: Problem by ImSaveImageToFile
« Last post by Awareness on 26 February 2018, 04:25:38 »
Learn more and learn how to find other channels. Can you recommend this knowledge?
Help & Questions / Re: Animated PNG (APNG)
« Last post by Thomusnut on 19 February 2018, 09:22:47 »
I think it's a really good animation. I really like it
Open Discussion / Re: Imaging on FPC is Slower than on Delphi
« Last post by Thomusnut on 19 February 2018, 09:22:07 »
I agree with you that it's slower. It's really slow I hope it will be a good one.
Bugs And Other Insects / Problem for 64bit
« Last post by Phoenix on 17 February 2018, 14:27:48 »

I found a problem using the latest version of lazarus (1.8.0 64bit FPC 3.0.4) in debug mode. On Windows 10 64bit.

In the imjmorecfg.pas file I saw:

Code: Delphi
  1. uInt = Cardinal;

This I think is a problem for 64bit systems

For FPC if I replace with
uInt = NativeUInt
I do not perform more dangerous crashes

Also I think there is a similar problem (I have not tested) for:

uInt = cardinal; -> NativeUInt
ptr2int = uInt; -> PtrUInt
(but the message "Nomssi" under "ptr2int" is not very clear)

I noticed that through the lazarus compiler, several "warning" and "hint" messages appear.
For "justified Hints" it is possible to disable them (to avoid having to run many already verified messages).

Code: Delphi
  1. FillChar(TmpInfo, SizeOf(TmpInfo), 0);
show variable message not initialized
it is due to the use of "var" but here it is correct then
Code: Delphi
  1. FillChar({%H-}TmpInfo, SizeOf(TmpInfo), 0);
avoid the message (it is filtered by lazarus itself)

Finally, the compilation on the ImagingPcx.pas unit is blocked
Code: Delphi
  1. ifMono: TImageFormat = TImageFormat (250);
I do not know if it's correct.
I know that the SizeOf () dimension of the "enum" types can change depending on the number of elements.
The compiler writes:
ImagingPcx.pas(91,43) Error: range check error while evaluating constants (250 must be between 0 and 206)

(sorry for my English)

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