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Help & Questions / Re: How to determine image size
« on: 20 March 2015, 16:34:44 »
This would be very helpful but unfortunately is not supported.

For each image format this must be done differently but at least the most common formats (JPEG, PNG) would be nice.

Unfortunately, I only had enough time to add TIFF support for Win64 and Linux for Imaging version for Deskew.
OSX support was nearly finished but I have no idea when I will be able to finish it.

Help & Questions / Re: LCLImager demo error
« on: 4 June 2014, 03:15:30 »
Please try the latest Imaging revision, it works for me in Lazarus 1.2 without problems.

Help & Questions / Re: Accessing compressed jpeg data?
« on: 4 March 2014, 01:40:56 »
You would have to directly interface with JpegLib, not a pretty thing to do  :(

I've been working on TIFF loader/saver for Imaging that won't need LibTiff as compiled objects
so in few weeks there will be TIFF support on more platforms (and LibTiff only as an option).

I've been working on TIFF loader/saver for Imaging that won't need LibTiff as compiled objects
so in few weeks there will be TIFF support on more platforms (and LibTiff only as an option).

This is fixed now, it was a problem with ZLib library in 64bit Linux.

Thanks for this work.

I want to include your LibTiffDelphi FPC modification in Imaging's repository (in Extras\Contrib).
But now I'm little confused what parts of which archive are needed.

Are compiled object files and *.pas files from 4.0.3 archive enough?

Help & Questions / Re: Screenshot from opengl
« on: 27 October 2013, 01:38:10 »
Support for frame delays and animation loop count was added finally.

Help & Questions / Re: Black background when rotate an image
« on: 15 February 2013, 01:52:48 »
unfortunately it's not possible to set the background color with currently implemented rotation method.
One option is to blend the rotated image to another image filled with desired background color.
Image to be rotated must be converted to some format with alpha channel - background after rotation will
be not only black but also transparent.

Check out Deskew for code to merge image with background:

Bugs And Other Insects / Re: invalid floating point operation
« on: 3 January 2013, 20:36:17 »

of what type exactly is MainImage?

Basically you must make sure that
Image.Picture.Bitmap (Image.Picture.Graphic) is of TImagingBitmap type before assigning.
If regular VCL TBitmap is there then transparency won't work.

What works for me is this:
Code: Pascal
  1. // app start
  2. ImagingGraphic := TImagingBitmap.Create;
  3. Image.Picture.Graphic := FBitmap;
  4. ...
  5. // image was updated
  6. ImagingGraphic.Assign(MainImage);
  7. Image.Picture.Assign(nil);
  8. Image.Picture.Assign(ImagingGraphic);
  9. ...
  10. // app exit
  11. Image.Picture.Assign(nil);
  12. ImagingGraphic.Free;

You are not doing anything wrong.
Compiler in XE3 is just more strict and does not allow calling constructors inside instances.

builddemos.bat and buildLibrary.bat probably uses older Delphi version that you have installed (do you?).

Solution is to use latest version of Imaging from here,806.0.html
or use older Delphi version or FPC.

Help & Questions / Re: Trasparent Gif on Firemonkey
« on: 22 December 2012, 04:07:28 »
Have you checked ImagingFmx.pas unit?
It has a functions like:
Code: Pascal
  1. { Converts image from TBaseImage instance to FMX bitmap. Bitmap must be already instantiated.}
  2. procedure ConvertImageToFmxBitmap(Image: TBaseImage; Bitmap: TBitmap);
that can directly convert from Imaging image to FMX bitmap (for FMX1 in XE2 only though).

Resaving image as GIF and loading it to FMX bitmap is a bad idea, you lose the alpha channel.
And it seems to me that you will only have the last frame in FMX image after this code is run.

Try something like this first:
Code: Pascal
  1. FImage.LoadMultiFromFile('E:\espulso.gif');
  2. FmxImage.BeginUpdate;
  3. try
  4.   ImagingFmx.ConvertImageToFmxBitmap(FImage, FmxImage.Bitmap);
  5. finally
  6.   FmxImage.EndUpdate;
  7. end;

JPEG file format does not support transparency, it's just not stored in the file.
If you want JPEG with transparency try saving it as JNG file format
(but only a handful of programs can read these).

Help & Questions / Re: ifBinary save bmp Problem
« on: 30 November 2012, 00:40:38 »
Saving of ifBinary files is currently supported only for TIFF and PNG file formats.

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