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Imaging 0.26.0 Released!
« on: 28 August 2008, 11:40:59 »
New Imaging was finally released!
Detailed change list:

  • (+) Canvas class was extended with many new methods and effects.
    They include image drawing with blending (custom blending factors),
    filtered image stretching, nonlinear filters (min, max, median),
    point transforms (contrast, brightness, gamma, threshold), and blended
    rectangle filling.
  • (+)New data formats using 3Dc compression added: ifATI1N
    and ifATI2N.DDS file format updated to be able to load and save
    images in this format. OpenGL and Direct3D extensions were updated
    to allow creating textures in these formats.
  • (+) New unit ImagingBinary.pas added with morphologic
    operations on binary images.
  • (+) XPM file format loader added.
  • (E) LCL Imager and Image Browser demos were extended
    with new functionality provided by canvas class (blending, filters,
    morphology, etc.).
  • (*) Updated OpenJpeg library (JPEG 2000) to version with
    my CDEF patch that saves JP2 files with alpha properly.
  • (*)Changed some file format loaders/savers to be more thread safe
    so more images can be loaded concurrently..
  • (F) Many bugs in library fixed (GIF, BMP, and PNM loaders,
    ConvertSpecial, linear filters, ...).

Head to Imaging Homepage for downloads and updated documentation.
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