Author Topic: Next Release Info: 0.24.2 (Nov/Dec 2007)  (Read 3658 times)

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Next Release Info: 0.24.2 (Nov/Dec 2007)
« on: 17 September 2007, 14:01:38 »
Next Imaging version will be patch release
0.24.2 with no new functionality added.
You can expect bug fixes, library updates (OpenJPEG, LibTIFF),
and compatibility fixes for new RAD Studio, Free Pascal, and Lazarus (if needed).
Release date should be sometime in late October or early November.

0.24.2 is almost ready. I'm just waiting for new OpenJPEG (JPEG2000 support) release which should be significantly faster, everything else is done. OpenJPEG 1.3 should be released this week or the next one. Imaging 0.24.2 will be released few days after that.
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