Author Topic: Extras should be in Source directory  (Read 2493 times)

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Extras should be in Source directory
« on: 17 June 2010, 13:27:11 »

I used older Imaging lib before. I downloaded new version ( and compiler was complaining about missing Extras. If by default it require Extras, I suggest that directory Extras should be moved to Source directory.

I used only Source part of imaging library, and now when Extras is outside the Source dir, I should place Extras in upper dir but there are other directories from from other libraries so I end up having 2 dirs for Imaging library. One is called "Imaging" (this is actually Source) and one is "Extras". Moving Extras to Source would solve my problems.

Or, remove Extras from default dependency so I can compile imaging lib without extras.


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Re: Extras should be in Source directory
« Reply #1 on: 29 June 2010, 17:17:11 »
to get rid of Extras dependency you can edit file in Source dir and
uncomment this line
Code: [Select]
//{$DEFINE DONT_LINK_EXTRAS} (along with other stuff you don't need).

Or if you want to use something from Extras (OpenGL support maybe?), but don't want to have dependency on this dir, just copy related units to Source dir.

Maybe Extensions subdir (the one with actual Pascal units) of Extras could be moved under Source.