Author Topic: New Stuff For Next Imaging Release  (Read 3797 times)

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New Stuff For Next Imaging Release
« on: 5 March 2007, 13:54:13 »
I'll be definitively adding GIF support to library core (loading and saving, native Object Pascal) and TIFF (although this may come later). High level interface will be extended some more and there will also be more checks for parameters validity and asserts.

As stated in library docs I'm going to overhaul major parts of the library which should allow  things (among others that will make further Imaging development easier for me) like custom image data formats and progress callbacks. I will create branch in SVN for this new version in near future (versions 0.3x will be betas of new architecture, 0.40 will be final release).

EDIT: Photoshop's PSD format loader will be added to Extras package too.
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