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Imaging 0.22 Released
« on: 26 January 2007, 11:31:12 »
Version 0.22.0 of Imaging has been released!
As I posted before, main new addition is Extras package with
several new file formats and other stuff.
There are also changes in general file format support and other places. As always, all bugs that were found were fixed (and I hope not many new ones created).

Main news/changes in 0.22.0:
  - Extras package with support for PCX, JPEG 2000 (not native), and
    old Bethesda games images (IMG, CIF, texture.*, BSI).
  - Core library support for loading and saving Portable AnyMap formats:
    PBM, PGM, PPM, PAM, and PFM.
  - High level interface classes were extended and updated as well as VCL/CLX/LCL
    support, low level interface, and canvas classes.
  - Demos were extended, updated, and fixed.
  - More

Head to Imaging Homepage for downloads and updated documentation.

There were probably problems with previous forum theme not showing some SMF extensions
(like captchas - but it did require input from them) sometimes - it worked for me but guessing from SMF error log not for everybody.
I have set the forum to default SMF theme (where everything is as it should be) for now.
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